CPAC Legends Cup V: Qualifier Round [TIMES]

Hello Raiders! 

So we’re on CPA Central’s legend cup tournament! We have to win at any cost. Every owner needs to recruit and we all shall defeat the Chaos army! Our battle will be on Sunday so everyone should come!


Striking Raiders vs. Chaos Army

Klondike, Stadium

12:00pm PST 1:00pm MST 2:00pm CST 3:00pm EST 8:00pm UK

We need all of you to come! Also, we have a PB with GP on Thursday so come to that!!

~Rocky and Madhav

PB with Guardian Penguins

Hey Raiders,

So I’ve gotten a PB ready for us and it is going to be against the GP aka Guardian Penguins. We will have more. But here is the PB:

Practice Battle with GP

Thursday July 24th, 2014

3:30 PM EST

2:30 PM CST

1:30 PM MST

12:30 PM PST



More to be added

K peace, (for now)


Ben returns(Plus Events, Read More for the Events)

So I leave SR for half a year, trusting that the army can hold itself

up, but I return with most of the leaders replaced by better, newer



Also, before you throw yourself at me with your “harmful words of

complaint”, such as “SRISFAILINGBECAUSEOFYOUGODIEINAHOLEYOUPIECEOFSH*T” because I haven’t been around, allow me to explain.

Also, if you don’t care about that kind of thing (or have no soul), read this post anyway because there’s an operation starting.

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US Training [23/07/14]

Greetings Raiders,

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My Retirement [Old, never got to post]

As I earn Redemption Force Leader In Training, my career ends in the Striking Raiders, but will never be forgotten. Continue reading

The Invasions are Called off

Madhav edit: When they return, we will squish them like a bug! : D

Hello Raiders,
So today two people from Sky Troops dropped by the chat and had this whole conversation on how their army is dead and that we can’t have any invasions with them. They said any servers lost they won’t see it as lost and keep their servers. They are dead for now and If we did have the invasions, they would ignore the invasions. So Deli called it off and the invasions are offically called off. So all the events are off. Stay posted for any upcoming events.

SR 3ic

New 3ic

Hello, Raiders. I’m Will12 or you can call me Izaiah whatever works for you. So I’m just here to say that I am your newst 3ic :D and I will try and help this army (with the other owners) to help this army to get #1. :)
~Will12, SR 3ic


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