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Ride Along The Choo-Choo Train [EVENTS]

Greetings Comrades

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New to Striking Raiders? Read This Post!

:!: Welcome to the Striking Raiders :!:

Did you find us on Club Penguin?  Recruited on Xat?  Found us on Google, CPAC, or another website?  Then this is the post for you!

Welcome to the Striking Raiders!  We are an established army in the warfare community.  Constantly maxing 15+, we can prove about being a force to never mess with.  We are the Striking Raiders, we aren’t just an army, we’re a FAMILY.  To join us, you can either go HERE to our chat, or HERE to our join page.


Striking Raiders Chat Box


Came from CP? You came to the right place this chat box is used to talk to your fellow comrades and for events!

To see our full chat go to http://xat.com/srofcp and read more for the rules :D

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Brumby Training

Max: 14 and Average: 12

The Return

lol im back

MAX: 16 and AVERAGE: 15


Hello Striking Raiders,

Today Is the day we coup Jake And lose an amazing Leader, Turtle and Jake, as you know there has been a large civil war on both sides of this army with the favour turning against jake, Myself and Delirious have decided to Remove both of them. But If both wish to return, Here are our orders,  and I ask that this doesn’t turn this into a war of words. I do not want another civil war in SR with sides being taken, this is merely a post telling you to stop please. You do not have the authority to do any of the things you did and we ask you to stop making them, stop making pointless Orders and decisions. Delirious and I have our flaws, and if you wish to turn this into a civil war you are hurting not yourself, but SR.

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Fan art + Adressing an issue

Hey striking raiders there was some fan art given to me to post on the site. If you have any others message me on chat and I’ll post it for you! :P 584

Ausia Recruiting [Late Posted]

Max: 11 || Average: 10

Note Issac and sharkie are troops.

And away he goes!

Nah there’s no coup. I’m going to be away until Friday. So miss me. Just letting you know :P.

Until later

March on,

Hєяρу∂єяρумaη888 Sᴛʀɪᴋɪɴɢ Dєяρєяѕ υηƇяσωηєɗ Lєєɗєяρ


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