• The Striking Raiders were formed when an old ACP Colonel, Benten15260, decided to make an army for fun with his friend Nikky14. They together thought of a name and a color scheme. Ben thought of black and "Striking," and Nikky thought of red and "Raiders." Little did they know that within a few years, this very army would dominate every single army out there and become one of the most iconic red armies to exist. Founded way back in 2010, we're also known as a fun army. As one of the strongest armies around, we're known for our passion and for our great war tactics.

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Hello SR. Long time no see. This site will now be a blogging site for us only. Basically what Moho is doing right now. Just have fun and stuff…

Obama iz confrmed illuminati m9!!11!!1!1

How u heard of d news keds? ob4ma is ilklumanti confrmed

A skill of a liftetime.

If you were to choose one skill or power(can be from anywhere movie,cartoon,etc) what would it be?

In my preference, I would choose the matrix.

Dumbass Ideas

  • Program that terminates generated players
  • New exploit engines * cough cough* Cheat Engine*cough cough*
  • More features that proves that memberships of any sorts are scams.
  • Actual mods instead of bots.

Wing Wong[Irrelevant]

Hello Striking Raiders.

As many of you know for a VERY long time, we have retired. But this doesn’t mean that our army is done for. In fact, I’m gonna post irrelevant material instead.


Closure of SR Forever

Alright guys, I’m sorry. I’ve realized my mistake. I’m most sorry to Doctor Mine Turtle for telling me the truth about me and this army. I’m ruining it, and I’m just not the same anymore. SR is officially dead forever. No remakes unless Deli or DMT wants to. I won’t be responsible anymore for SR because of my selfish actions. Once again you were right DMT. I just can’t lead because of my lack of motivation into CP Warfare. I tried recruiting in any way, but it just didn’t work. Nobody joined.


My Reign as Leader

Hey Striking Raiders,

I’ve been selected to lead the Striking Raiders by Bigmail, and I wont let him down. Rey and I shall try to bring us back up back to our former glory.












Just to let you know we have joined LT’s alliance, but shall not attack RPF nor DCP for their assistance to the SR back in time. We have plans, but the plan won’t work if we do not stick to it. So keep it up, any legends or former leaders, we need your help, so come back!


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