Suh Dudezzz

Imma make this real quick but hey guys. It’s been awhile since i’ve been here. I got on and saw that CP is gonna die. I just wanna say thanks to all of y’all that i’ve known while i was in CP Armies. Thank you for being part of my childhood. I’ll always remember CP and i will always keep those pictures that i took when we had events. I never really retired, just left. I wouldnt say im retiring because i always come back here once a month. I feel like making a reunion one last time for the good old times, if anyone is interested, just comment down below. Peace.

My Minecraft Server

Well Hello to the remaining people or new people who come on to this website. I’ve made a Minecraft server for factions and PVP with my friends. Just to get word out if any of you would like to join, the server IP is : It’s in 1.8 since 1.8 PVP is much better than 1.9 and 1.10 so make sure to be in 1.8 mode. Other than that, thanks for reading and have a happy holidays.


Under Construction


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Im irelevent

no one really cares but just wanted to check on the site, nothing to see here


 Chapter 1: Initation

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As For My Comrades

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The Fire Rises

Hey, Raiders!

Today I have been given permissions by Mineturtle and Delirious to bring back Striking Raiders. This generation will be glorious.

13 Edit: Sup nig nogs, I’m here to lead whatever this army is called. How you ask? With my hands, and I’m also going to recruit, something most armies fail to do properly. Point is, I’ll see you on the battlefield. Catch me holding that automatic. PEW PEW.

-Sniper “The Jewish Pizza Delivery Man”