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    The Striking Raiders were formed when an old ACP Colonel, Benten15260, decided to make an army for fun with his friend Nikky14. They together thought of a name and a color scheme. Ben thought of black and "Striking," and Nikky thought of red and "Raiders." Little did they know that within a few years, this very army would dominate every single army out there and become one of the most iconic red armies to exist. Founded way back in 2010, we're also known as a fun army. As one of the strongest armies around, we're known for our passion and for our great war tactics.

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SR Returns

So many SR troops have complained to me about reopening SR, so I’ve decided SR shall return. Welcome to a new beginning SR. SR has returned.

SR 2k15


Boutta’ get robbed CPAC 

[US]Unscheduled Event Training[ACCOMPLISHED]


Average:3  Max:4

Good Event but some people were AFK,But Good JOB EVERYONE! :D

US Training

Max: 9 Average: 9

CPSR: Penguin of the Week: Sunnydaze901



In all this cloudy winter weather, one penguin who’s guaranteed to brighten your day is Sunnydaze901! She’s a cheerful, charity-loving penguin who’s very loyal to her friends. And her outfit is brill too – she’s clearly on top of the latest trends!

If you know someone who should be POTW, nominate them in the comments and tell us why! Each Penguin of the Week receives 10,000 coins and a special background.


-Club Penguin Team

SR Official Chat

Click here to enter Striking Raiders Chat!







A new beginning.

Hello SR,

Yes we’ve been falling, but I’ve decided to take action. New things in SR will be happening.

1. We are now a dictatorship which the dictator(me) will make all the decisions of SR.

2. SR is now isolated. Ban all armies, we got no allies everyone is neutral except Caedood’s army.

3. Everyone is required to recruit. If you don’t you will be removed.

That’s all welcome to a new beginning.



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